Beat the truth.
with. your. heart.

I do truth.
With you.

It’s very simple: I’m here to drag you out of your untruth. Into the truth. Your truth. Of who you are. That’s all I do.


And that’s all you want. Because it’s the only thing that will make you happy. On the deepest level.

Truth cannot be bought. It can only be done. And I’m here to do truth.
With you.

Steve Shiva 

Transformational Coach
Founder of Notorious Hearts



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“ If I need to convince you to live your truth,

you’re not ready. ”


Steve Shiva Corbett

What’s a Notorious Heart?

Someone who lives the full glory of who he or she is. Brave, raw, open, playful.

Notorious Hearts say what they stand for, or dare to be quiet in the midst of social noise.

Notorious Hearts care for what they feel, and what others feel. They know how to connect from an authentic place.

Notorious Hearts face their fears, go through it and come out stronger.

Notorious Hearts live their talent, because it’s their gift to the world.

Notorious Hearts are warriors of truth. Because they know it’s the only way to live life: in truth. Their truth.




It’s my eternal joy to see people shine in their truth.
Check how they feel:

“I believe SteveShiva is created to do this work after seeing his commitment and authenticity. I think what we all seek in our teachers is understanding and a fellow human - and that is what you will get from SteveShiva when working with him.”

Bartosz Kotowski

“I wanted a powerful masculine presence to support me when I was going through some dark waters. Steve was the ideal support to hold, nurture, and challenge me in just the ways I needed to process and integrate what was happening in my life at the time. Bless you friend!”

Edward Price Stern

“Steve’s way of supporting is not about teaching something. He's there listening to me and giving me his point of view when asked. I feel him involved with my stories and always connected with a big vision that helps me on my own evolving path. He's the big brother I never had.”

Manuele Paradiso

“What you see is what you get. Steve Shiva is pure energy. He seems to be fearless. Steve Shiva gives a lot of himself, and stays until the work is done. You will not be disappointed if you ask for his help. In 3 words I would say he is committed, open and spontaneous. A great guy.”

Frederik Lundquist


“I felt deeply touched by the heart essence that he embodies and how it radiates through his presence and connection with others. In Shiva's presence, I felt heard, seen and met at a raw deep intimate human level and that is a gift that you don't come across everyday.”

Fatima Zahra Layla

“Steve is a genuine and honest individual who leads a team with compassion and a unique holistic approach. Everyone feels supported to speak their mind and this creates a strong team mentality. If you're looking for someone who deals in honesty then Steve is the person you want to go to!”

Katherine Sturt-Scobie

“Steve will help you connect deeply with a strong masculine energy. He’s doing this with a heart opening and compassionate view and approach. I want to thank Steve for his honesty and discipline, for his vision and his kindness. Thank you for helping me to step up into my masculinity, and into my purpose.”

Alexander Cottle

“I have been with Steve Shiva through some of his own adversity in life and observed first hand his unwavering authenticity and loving heart. I am happy to put my hand on my heart and genuinely recommend Steve as a transformational coach and guide. He’s the real deal.”

James Winstanley

“I'm always impressed by Steve’s willingness to hear, his sensitivity to the experience of the other. His warm curiosity. He is straightforward and honest and wise. And above all walks a path of exploration and self-knowledge with a zest for life which is infectious. I'm glad to have him in my life.”

Jamie Wrate

“Steve Shiva has the process, the innate wisdom, and the years of experience to assist a man on his own personal journey to deepen his self-knowledge”

John Hopkins

"Nothing is crazy enough for Steve to talk about. Everything is welcome. Working with him is like calibrating me with who I truly am. He creates this welcoming space for MY TRUTH."

Hannah de Groot

“Those who strive to go beyond their fearful conditioning and to enter the liberated human heart are heroes and pioneers of the Spirit. Shiva is one such man. And he knows that all of us possess this potential. To work with Shiva is an honour, and I am grateful to call him a brother.”

Toby Pritchard


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“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is more people who have come alive.”

Howard Thurman
(1899 – 1981)

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